Child, Youth & Family Services
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Child, Youth & Family Services
Fredericton - Ph (24/7): 506-454-0078   Saint John - Ph (24/7): 506-643-0455

Clinical Services

What is “Clinical Services”?

Our clinical department began initially offering Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy and has evolved to a collaborative, compassionate, client-centered, and trauma-informed approach to include mental health practitioners, violence and crisis intervention specialist, dietary and nutritional consultation, sexual education, and expertise in working with individuals with complex trauma, Developmental and Intellectual diagnosis, and severe problem behaviour.

What do we do?

Our clinical department offers a wide variety of personalised, compassionate, client-centered, and trauma-informed service including:

  1. Practical Functional Assessments (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT) for severe problem behaviour.
  2. Treatment and therapy for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental
  3. Group home and specialized placement staff training, coaching, modelling, role-play, and feedback.
  4. Foster parent coaching and training.
  5. Multidisciplinary support and treatment for individuals with complex trauma, disordered eating, self-injurious and experiencing suicidal thoughts or has survived a suicide attempt, and other mental/behavioural health needs.
  6. Provincial Crisis Response Team (PCRT)

Every individual, family, team, and community require personalised support to meet their needs, thus the examples above are often referrals clinical services receive, but certainly not limited.

Who are we?

Clinical Services at Capital Family Services brings together individuals across disciplines to include:

  1. Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBT), Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA), and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA),
  2. Registered Social Workers (RSW),
  3. Registered Dietitian (RD),
  4. Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist (CCIS).

Through collaborative approaches, we build a plan that best supports and provides for the needs of individuals, families, teams, and the community.

What is the process to begin?

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