Child, Youth & Family Services
Fredericton - Ph (24/7): 506-454-0078   Saint John - Ph (24/7): 506-643-0455
Child, Youth & Family Services
Fredericton - Ph (24/7): 506-454-0078   Saint John - Ph (24/7): 506-643-0455

Message from the directors

As a family service agency, we understand the challenges faced by families to balance all of life’s demands. Let’s be honest, life can be tough sometimes. The directors at Capital Family Services agree that none of us are perfect, and sometimes we need a little support. 

Evidence suggests that, with the right supports, we can raise resilient children even after difficult situations. We are one of those supports that help. We strongly value our ability to support all family members in times of need. Our mandate is to provide innovative services that empower our community today, and into the future. If we empower families today, we will empower the generations to come, as well. Our goal is to contribute to visible progress for our community, here in the capital city. 

Every family is unique, with varying needs and levels of functioning. We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to service provision. We aim to provide each family with proper consideration given to individual, family, and community context. 

Our purpose is to support families in our communities.

We aim to provide innovative ways of doing so, to empower each family in the process.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the services we provide, and find out more about who we are. In addition, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, by phone or email address provided. 

Capital Family Services Directors

 If you are in need of immediate assistance, call 911.

To report a suspected case of child abuse please call 1-833-SDDSTel (1-833-733-7835) or After Hours Emergency Social Services 1-800-442-9799.