Child, Youth & Family Services
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Child, Youth & Family Services
Fredericton - Ph (24/7): 506-454-0078   Saint John - Ph (24/7): 506-643-0455

Message from the directors

“Children are the future of our world…” an old quote that rings true still. As a family service agency, we understand the challenges faced by families to balance all of life’s demands. Let’s be honest, managing a family can be tough sometimes. The directors at Capital Family Services agree that none of us are perfect, and sometimes we need a little support. 

Evidence suggests that, with the right supports, we can raise resilient children even after difficult situations. We are one of those supports that help. We strongly value our ability to support all family members in times of need. Our mandate is to provide innovative services that empower our community today, and into the future. If we empower families today, we will empower the generations to come, as well. Our goal is to contribute to visible progress for our community, here in the capital city. 

Every family is unique, with varying needs and levels of functioning. We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to service provision. We aim to provide each family with proper consideration given to individual, family, and community context. 

Our purpose is to support families in our communities.

We aim to provide innovative ways of doing so, to empower each family in the process.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the services we provide, and find out more about who we are. In addition, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, by phone or email address provided. 

Scott Clark, Mark Somerville, Katherine M. White, RSW

Mark Somerville

Director of Practice and Engagement

In Mark’s role as Director of Practice and Engagement he supports, creates awareness, and initiates efforts towards addressing and responding to the unique needs of our community. The primary focus for Mark is to provide tools to our employees and those we serve that will foster community and individual growth.

Mark attended Nova Scotia Community College, Niagara College, University of New Brunswick, and St. Thomas University to pursue an education that would respond to the interest of improving the well-being of individuals and communities.  Both his education and employment experiences influenced his interest to obtain a career that would contribute to making a positive impact upon young people’s pathways.

Since entering the field of Human Services, Mark has held various managerial and supervisory roles in organizations such as Boys and Girls Club of Niagara, YMCA of Niagara, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, and Good Shephard Hamilton where Mark sat on the Street Youth Collaborative Committee which sparked initiatives to benefit street involved youth.  Mark is excited to return to his hometown of Fredericton where he hopes to make a difference in the community he cares most about.

Scott Clark

Director of Operations

In Scott’s role as Director of Operations, he is responsible for the planning and supervision of the day-to-day operations, as well as developing, coordinating and implementing the delivery of specific services within the community. Scott is responsible for improving operational systems, processes and best practices that guarantee organizational well-being.

A first point-of-contact for many, Scott works directly with clients and community organizations to ensure that each relationship remains strong. Scott has extensive experience in the area of family support services as a front-line worker and in various management roles. Scott holds a Sociology Degree from the University of Prince Edward Island and a degree of Social Work from the University of Victoria.

Katherine M. White, RSW

Director of Innovation and Development

In Katherine’s role as Director of Innovation and Development, she is responsible for developing interdisciplinary training tools for staff, to ensure the highest, most competent service delivery for our fundamental services. In addition, she works to establish continuous external growth for the organization, connecting to the community and reaching those who could benefit from specialized services.

Katherine brings experience in mental health intervention, domestic violence prevention & intervention, along with program development, delivery and evaluation, evergreening/improvement processes.

She is a Registered Social Worker with the NBASW, and has served in this role in both community and clinical settings. She has a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is also currently pursuing her Masters of Education.

Wellness and social justice are Katherine’s driving factors in life. As an innovator, she is passionate about social progress, on the front lines and beyond.

Youth Support Regional Manager

The Youth Support Regional Manager oversees all of the Case Managers. In addition, they liaise with stakeholders, offers support to clients and employees, and ensures that our overall quality of service is being upheld. 

Tanya Morash, Case Manager

Tanya is originally from the South Shore of Nova Scotia and went to Eastern College in Halifax where she graduated from the Child and Youth Care Program. Tanya moved to Fredericton in 2010 with her family where she has been working with Fredericton’s youth ever since. With over 12 years of experience in the field, Tanya looks forward to taking on more responsibility and further building her experiences with Capital Family Services.

Case Managers 

Our Team of Case Managers all work to oversee Individualized Placements and their accompanying teams. Each Case Manager works closely with their client and ensures that they have all of the structures and plans in place so that each client can work toward their specific goals. In addition, Case Managers are responsible for managing the teams that work with their client, reporting procedures, attending court, and managing the day to day operations of each Individualized Placement.

Sarah Carberry, Case Manager

Sarah grew up on the West Coast in Victoria B.C. and moved to Fredericton in 2002. Sarah graduated from the Eastern College Criminology program where she discovered her love and passion for working with youth who are at risk. Sarah brings over 6 years of experience with her and has been a part of the Capital Family Services team since 2017 and she looks forward to furthering her work with at-risk youth in the Fredericton area.

Amber Elliott, Case Manager

Amber graduated from St. Thomas University with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and also graduated from the Child and Youth Care Program at Eastern College. With over 10 years of experience in the field of working with children, youth experiencing homelessness and at risk, young offenders, and children with severe behavioral struggles. She looks forward to using her experience and education to continue to have a positive impact on the lives of the young individuals that she works with.

Jeremy York, Case Manager 
Originally from Woodstock, NB, Jeremy moved to Fredericton when he was 12 years old. Jeremy attended St. Thomas University where he majored in Human Rights, Criminology and minored in Sociology. Jeremy has been working with complex, high risk youth for almost 9 years. Jeremy joined Capital Family Services to be closer to his family and continue in his desired line of work. In just a short time after joining Capital Family Services, Jeremy was promoted to Case Manager. Jeremy enjoys his role and focuses on the growth of his client and team. In Jeremy’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family volunteering at his local Fire Department. 
Makayla Little, Case Manager
Makayla is from Prince Edward Island and completed their Bachelor of Science with a Special 2-Year Concentration in Forensic Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University. Makayla has been with Capital Family Services since they moved to Fredericton in 2017. Makayla is in progress of completing their Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology while working as a Case Manager of an individualized placement. Makayla looks forward to bringing their counseling skills to clients and staff of Capital Family Services while supporting youth with trauma and behavioral issues. 
Jessica Gilmore, Case Manager
Jessica was born and raised in Saint John, NB and completed her studies at UNBSJ and NBCC. Jessica began her career in Human Services by working with the homeless community. Since then, Jessica has explored various sectors of the field including working with men, women and youth in conflict with the law, employment coaching and mentoring and facilitating personal development programs in community and at the local correctional facility. Overtime, Jessica discovered her true passion was working with youth who have mental illness. Jessica is dedicated to actively engaging with her clients while coaching and mentoring staff.
Daniel Liengme, Case Manager
Originally from Antigonish Nova Scotia, Daniel moved to Fredericton to attend St. Thomas University. While at St. Thomas, Daniel majored in Psychology and Criminology. Over the years Daniel has volunteered with youth both in Nova Scotia and here in Fredericton. Daniel is looking forward to gaining experience and positively impacting clients with Capital Family Services. 
Christian Bezanson, Case Manager
Originally from Pictou County Nova Scotia, I moved to Fredericton New Brunswick in 2015 for school and graduated from St. Thomas University in 2019 with a bachelor’s of arts degree, focusing on criminology and sociology. I have worked with a wide variety of youth and  I hope to use my experience and education to have a positive impact on young people’s lives and help them with whatever they may need. In my free time I enjoy  sports, coaching, friends and family! 
Becky Weston, Case Manager
Becky grew up in St. Martins and attended Eastern College in Saint John where she graduated with honors from the Child and Youth Care Program, with addictions. She has spent the last 10 years working with youth from a variety of different backgrounds including young offenders, parenting or pregnant teens and youth with complex mental health. She has been working as a manager for the last 4 years and looks forward to continuing to help the youth of Saint John and bringing her experience to the Capital team.
Chris Labelle, Case Manager
Chris began his career in Ontario helping vulnerable youth and joined the Capital Family Services team in 2017 when he moved to Fredericton, NB. He earned a diploma in Early Childhood Education from NBCC. Finding inspiration and passion from his own experiences, Chris brings great expertise and practical ability to his profession. Outside of work, Chris enjoys many recreational activities, including hockey, baseball, snow-boarding, and four-wheeling. He also enjoys spending time with his family, and of course, his two energetic dogs!
Eric Prior, Case Manager
Eric Prior is originally from Gananoque, Ontario and moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick to attend St. Thomas University. Eric earned himself a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology with a focus on Child/Youth Development and Criminology. During his free time, Eric enjoys going for walks and doing puzzles!
Morgan Matheson, Case Manager
Morgan is originally from Saint John New Brunswick and attended St. Thomas University studying Criminology, Sociology, and Political Science. Morgan has coached children of all ages in various different sports and has always had a passion for working with kids. Morgan has been working for Capital for the past two years and has worked with both our YSW homes and in our clinical services. Morgan looks forward to continuing using his skills he has learned with Capital in the future. 

Manager of Family Services 

The Managers of Family Services are responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and supervision of the Family Service Teams. They are also the first point of contact for service agencies and work on consistently building strong connections within the community, as well as work on developing and implementing the delivery of specific services within the community. In addition, the Managers of Family Services work to continually grow and improve the provision of Family Services within the company.

Jennifer Jewett, Manager of Family Services Fredericton 

Jennifer is the Family Services Manager for the Fredericton and Surrounding Areas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Sociology and Human Rights from St. Thomas University as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Human Resources from the University of New Brunswick. Jennifer has a background in management, Human Resources, family services and disability support. She looks forward to growing her knowledge and connections in the community.

Lindsay Hancock, Manger of Family Services Saint John

Lindsay is the Family Services Manager for Saint John and Surrounding Areas. Lindsay graduated from the university of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts and has over 17 years of experience in the field of business administration, customer service and management. Lindsay is excited to be part of the Capital Family Services team and prides herself on her ability to provide outstanding customer service and is most proud of her proven track record for building and maintaining strong, dynamic, and high-performance teams.


Family Services Supervisor 

The Family Services supervisors are responsible for assisting in the supervision of front-line staff, liaising with service agencies and clients, and overseeing requests from Indigenous service agencies and the Military Family Resource Center. The Family Services Supervisor also supports the Manager of Family Services with the day-to-day operations of the Family Services team.

Emma Corey, Family Services Supervisor (Fredericton, NB)

Emma grew up in Fredericton and graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Emma brings with her experience on the front lines working with families in the child protection field and she looks forward to giving back to her community.

Erin Cunningham, Family Services Supervisor (Fredericton and Miramichi, NB)

Erin grew up in Fredericton and graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2019. She is continuing her education with a Master of Science of Kinesiology, ongoing. Erin brings front line experience into her role as Family Services Supervisor and looks forward to further working in the Fredericton community.

Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Family Services Supervisor (Saint John, NB)
Kaitlyn O’Donnell grew up in Carleton County, NB, and graduated from the Child and Youth Care program at Eastern College. Her time with Capital Family Services, working on the front-lines and now as Family Services Supervisor of Saint John, has only encouraged her passion for working with children and families living with disabilities. 
Shianne Curtis, Family Services Supervisor (Saint John, NB)
Shianne grew up Bathurst, NB and graduated from the Child and Youth Care program at NBCC Miramichi and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from St. Thomas University. She has three years of experience in both youth support and family support and within the last couple of years, Shianne has received significant training that has supported her in her role with Capital, such as FASD training, Suicide Assist for both adults and children, and much more. She hopes to use this experience in her new role as a Family Support Supervisor, to give back to the community and make a difference.  

Manager of Adult Services 

The Manager of Adult Services works to create and offer unique services that are tailored to adults. This includes parent aide, supporting adults with various exceptionalities and working with those experiencing homelessness in the Fredericton area. The Adult Services Manager is responsible for developing case plans, managing the Adult Services team and designing and delivering trainings for those working on the frontlines.

Jessica Jones, Manager of Adult Services

Jessica graduated from St. Thomas University with Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Psychology and Human Rights. Jessica has worked for the Fredericton Homeless Shelters designing programming and securing funding opportunities for those experiencing homelessness. She has volunteered with the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Center and the Fredericton Youth Hockey Association and worked in the finance field with the Government of New Brunswick before returning to her passion of helping others, this time with Capital Family Services. 

Manager of Operations 

The Operations Manager is responsible for managing the Clinical Services, the After-Hours on Call Supervisors, and the Joint Health and Safety Committee. The Operations Manager also works to ensure that other record-keeping tasks are complete and supports the other managers in their daily tasks.

Elisa MacKinnon, Manager of Operations 

Elisa grew up in Stanley, New Brunswick and graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Criminology, and a Sociology minor. With more than five years of experience on the front lines and in supervisory and management roles, Elisa is looking forward to continuing her passion of working in the Human Services field as our Operations Manager.

Operations Assistant 

The Operations Assistant works closely with managers to ensure that client record keeping practices for the company are kept up to date.

Anna Virtue, Operations Assistant 

Anna graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Criminology. Anna is currently pursuing her law degree at the University of New Brunswick but still looks forward to continuing her work and staying connected to Capital Family Services.


Human Resources Coordinator

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for recruitment and employee selection, bridging the gap between management and employee relations and managing the filing systems for employee and client documents. In addition, the Human Resources Coordinator addresses demands, grievances and offers support to both managers and employees throughout the company.

Kate Mombourquette, Human Resources Coordinator 

Kate graduated from the Early Childhood Education Program at NBCC and is currently finishing her Administrative Professional certificate at NBCC. With over eight years of experience in the field of working with children and in the school systems, Kate is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and experience in the field of Human Resources and have a positive impact within the company.

Corporate Security Advisor 

The Corporate Security Advisor is responsible for providing advice on security, safety and risk management throughout the company. The Corporate Security Advisor works across all areas of the company to help ensure the well-being of staff and clients, while contributing to the overall success of the business through safety.

Aaron Fecteau, Corporate Security Advisor 

Aaron has been in the security and emergency management field for over a decade. He has also worked in government and the private and not-for-profit sectors. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from St. Thomas University, as well as a Masters of Science in Intelligence and Security Studied from Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K. Aaron maintains the designation of Professional Certified Investigator and pursues frequent education in the field. Aaron is looking forward to contributing the safety of the employees and those that they serve at Capital Family Services.

 If you are in need of immediate assistance, call 911.

To report a suspected case of child abuse please call 1-833-SDDSTel (1-833-733-7835) or After Hours Emergency Social Services 1-800-442-9799.